Wednesday, June 10, 2009

13 Miles East Nowhere Rehearsals

It has been ages since Dave or myself have updated this blog. We had a: Easter, Family Graduations, and an Anniversary. Recently Robert Cedric Bowden the director of the film Dave has been cast in, where Dave plays a Cop, Officer Bird, put up some photos of their rehearsals. Shooting is scheduled to begin in July. Dave, Mike Seely, and a few others will also be scoring the film.
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Eric (the assistant manager at the local grocery store) thinks it will be hilarious to play a harmless prank on Todd (a mentally disabled janitor) and wants his buddy and co-worker, Ricco, to help with the prank. Ricco is against it, at first, but it doesn't take much until he's talked into playing along. THE PRANK: Eric tells Todd that the new attractive cashier, DALLAS, told him that she has a secret crush on him. And that one night after work he should walk her out to her car and kiss her goodnight. Todd has every reason to believe Eric and Ricco, after all he Ricco and Eric have always been good friends and Dallas has always treated him very nice. Eric also tells Todd that Dallas might reject the kiss a few times but it's only because she's afraid that he will break her heart, so he needs to keep trying until she kisses him back.

The night comes when Todd walks Dallas out to her car. But things don't go as planned. When he goes in for the kiss, he's rejected as expected. So he does what he was told to do and he keeps trying. With each try Todd becomes more aggressive and more physical until Dallas is terrified and is forced to slap him to try and get away. Todd’s INTANTLY retaliates with his fist and strikes her in the face and knocking her on her back, half unconscious. As he looks at her on the ground, he knows that he has made a mistake and that he's in trouble. So he runs off.

As Dallas struggles to get up we hear Todd walk back to her and when we see him, he's holding a giant slab of concrete above her head. He thrusts it down on her skull and crushes her head.

The following day Eric shows up to work to find the parking lot taped off with dozens of police officers investigating and interviewing neighbors. When Eric and Ricco learn of the murder, they know that they MUST find Todd before the police find him. If the police find Todd first they know that THEY will be charged with the murder.

But when they find Todd, what are they going to do?... Tell him a story and trust that he will go along with it? Tell him the truth?...Kill him?...or maybe even get paranoid that one of them is going to rat the other one out and kill each other....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Roomies Opening Credits!

The opening to the TV show "Roomies". The song is written and preformed by Dave Andersen. The show is produced by Bobby Bowden and Sheldon Demke.

Monday, January 19, 2009

DSC students tackle sitcom market

DSC students tackle sitcom market

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Danielle Wolverton,left, as Becky, is reluctantly embraced by Morris, center, played by Bobby Bowden, while Kyle, right, played by Dave Andersen, looks on during a theater scene in the new sitcom "Rommies." The show will begin to air in February on DTV.

Utah is now the home to the first sitcom entirely written, produced and filmed within state lines.

The aptly titled sitcom "Roomies" will feature four students as starring cast members led by Director Bobby Bowden, a junior communication major from Layton.

The local sitcom follows four college students through the ups and downs of college life and campus living. However, the way the story is told makes this sitcom one that will intrigue audience members.

"The sitcom is first shot from a guy's point of view, and the second half is shot from a female's point of view," Bowden said.

The different points of view will allow people to experience how the opposite sex views the same situation.

"I originally pitched the idea to Stan Everett, chairman of D-TV, and he liked the idea and gave us a 12-episode first season on D-TV," Bowden said. "If it's a good enough product he said he will submit it to the Emmy's."

Bowden has directed and produced several films prior to "Roomies." He has been to the Cannes Film Festival in France for an original short film. Bowden became the first filmmaker in the state of Utah to have a film accepted into this world-renowned festival. Bowden's film was presented on the same day Director Steven Spielberg presented the recent "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

Danielle Wolverton, a sophomore art major from St. George, plays Becky, a snobby teen who makes a living as a model.

"The part was written for me based on a similar character I previously played in an earlier film project," Wolverton said. "The production has been really fun. We have a good group of people."

Producer Sheldon Demke also plays Mick in the sitcom. Demke describes his character as an average, straight-laced normal guy.

"My character gets put into situations where he has to act irrationally or not myself," Demke said. "Im also co-writing the third and fourth episode right now."

He said they want to incorporate shots of notable St. George areas.

"That way when people watch the show they feel connected and recognize the area," Demke said.

The pilot episode of "Roomies" is tentatively scheduled to hit the air on CEC in the beginning of February.

Nick Mihalopoulos
Issue date: 1/14/09 Section: Arts & Entertainment